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R.Parker: Good scores

Appellations - Selections

According to Parker, the 50 to 100 point rating system (Parker Points) is used in addition to tasting comments. These tastings must be comparative within the same category and blind.

The distribution of the 50 points is as follows: 5 points for the dress, 15 points for the bouquet, 20 points for the mouth (emphasizing its length), and 10 points for the potential for evolution (aging).

Rating table:

  • 96-100 (A +): an extraordinary wine of depth and complexity, a grand cuvée
  • 90-95 (A): an excellent wine, with great complexity
  • 80-89 (B): a very good wine, with an interesting degree of finesse and fragrance
  • 70-79 (C): a pleasant wine, but lacking in complexity or depth