Château Lavillotte 2015 - A.O.C Saint-Estèphe
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The Château Lavillotte has an area of 12 hectares on the Saint-Estephe appellation. The vineyard is wonderfully exposed and planted with noble grape varieties. They receive the most attentive care and the employees dispose of advanced cultural methods.


A neat and precise work

The team working in the vineyards is family, since this is a family business. The Managers are father and son: Jacques Pedro and Hervé Pedro. The harvest of the grapes is done late in order to ensure a good and full maturity of the grapes. The vinification is done traditionally, including a long vatting, frequent pumping during the fermentation process and a perfect control of the temperatures. After the draining, the wine is placed in oak barrels and renewed every year (30 to 40%). During the maturation process of about 15 months, the barrels are regularly racked and then fined with egg whites before the bottling. Once the bottling is complete, the harvest is kept in underground cellars that are conditioned for the maturation process.

Technical sheet

  • The producer
    Château Lavillotte
  • Type of wine
    Non Classified
  • Appellation
  • Superficy
    12 hectares
  • Age of the vines
    40 years
  • Harvests
    100% hand harvested
  • Barrels
    40% of new barrels
  • When should you drink it?
    Drink between 2020 and 2030
  • Wine apogee
  • How is it now?
    Encore jeune on doit le garder en cave
  • Service temperature

The vineyard

This Red wine (Non Classified) from Saint-Estèphe is made with a vineyard that has an area of 12 hectares by Château Lavillotte. The average age of the vines is 40 years. The harvest for this wine are 100% hand harvested.

Into the cellars

This wine has remained 15 months in Oak barrels. For this wine, the estate has made the choice to incorporate 40% of new barrels.


Located on the edge of the Gironde estuary, the Saint-Estèphe appellation is located around 50 km north of Bordeaux. Its location between the sea and the estuary gives it a mild climate, concretized by thermal regulation, good sunshine and a mixing of the winds, all of which are beneficial to the proper ripening of the grapes. It seems that vines were already planted on the territory of Saint-Estèphe in Roman times.
From the Middle Ages, the vineyard took off thanks to English traders who came to buy their wine in the port of Bordeaux. From the XVIIth century, the drainage of the marshy lands made it possible to further enlarge the surfaces.