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You will find in this little guide, our selection of wines to discover absolutely classified by type of wine. For those who are not "experts" you will find some information on these different ranges.

  • Classified growths
  • Second wines
  • Crus-Bourgeois
  • Unclassified


The top Bordeaux wines quality

If exceptional Classified growths make Bordeaux famous, it's because they offer unique qualities.

For a special occasion, or simply to have a magic moment, the top of the Bordeaux range are the Classified growths which make the world renown of our vineyards. Technically at the world best current level in the cellars thanks to significant investments, they also have exceptional terroirs, as well as a unique know-how that links tradition and modernity. With the best oenologists and very competent teams, they offer much more than a wine, and they provide exceptionnal qualities in each vintage.

The "must have" Classified Growths selection

The current selection of Classified Growths (Frequently updated)

Second wines

Same work than the first but a price that is more accessible

Farly more than second qualities, they offer an alternative view of the same exceptionnal soil.

If in the past, they were considered as wines that do not deserve consideration, the second wines success to be taken with the same attention as the first. Less quantities, work that is better in the vineyard...all is made by the estates to increase their second qualities. Today there is real concurrence on this market and each one try to do a better one than his neighboor. The result is often a mervellous quality with a very good price/quality ratio.

The seconds that you should try first

Our second wines selection (frequently updated)


Good wines, fair prices

There are plenty Crus-Bourgeois with various styles because they are made on 8 different areas in the Médoc. Well choosen they can be very good values.

The Crus-Bourgeois are fallowing the same trend as the Classified Growths by improving their qualities in order to offer an outstanding wine. The price itself remains in a very accessible range, which makes these wines good deals, especially in the Great vintages and on exceptional AOCs such as Saint-Est & egrave; phe, Margaux The range of Crus-Bourgeois goes from around 5 to 30 euros, and although they are not all equal, there are many very interesting references there.

The Crus-Bourgeois that you should try

Our current Crus-Bourgeois selection (frequently updated)

The non-classified wines

There is many non classified wines that are top qualities.

The non classified are very heterogenous, but some of them are real outsiders into the higher qualities. The prices are usualy comptetitive.

An estate can produce a wine that is not a Classified Growth, nor a Cru-Bourgeois, but that can challenge the higher qualities in the same price range. Indeed, some soils which were not known during the 1855 classification, with human and financial investment, have proved to be wonderful qualities. In Bordeaux, there is plenty examples of estates that were in this case, and they are just waiting you to taste and appreciate their quality.

The Non-Classified wines that deserve to be discovered

Our current selection of non classified wines (frequently updated)